Bob Evans Covers Lily Allen

There seem to be heaps of Male artists covering songs by female popstars. I’ve always found this a bit odd, considering there don’t seem to half as many female artists doing this with songs originally sung by guys.

I superpose this could be because of the number of female pop stars at the moment releasing songs of a sexual nature. I say this because there seem to be a lot of covers of these kinds of songs done for comedic effect. Just look at the amount of covers of I’ve Kissed A Girl that are circulating the internet. The thing with these kind of covers is that they’re good when they work(although the joke wears off quickly) but when they fail they sound really, really lame.

Occaisionally however, you get meaningful takes on pop songs. Just look at Daniel Rossum’s cover of Too Little Too Late by Jojo, or Grand Atlantic’s cover of Single Ladies.

When I heard that Bob Evans was going to cover Lily Allen’s ode to an underperfoming boyfriend, Not Fair, for Triple J’s Like A Version, part of me hoped it fall inthe second catagory. Not that it would be easy to turn a song with a line about oral pleasure into a meaningful ballard.

Predictably the song boarders on the comedy spectrum. Not that it’s a bad cover. It’s done is Bob Evans’s folk style, which suits the song’s parody of country music.

To hear it for yourself, head here.

In other Lily Allen news, she’s going to appear on neighbors during her Australian tour, although it is not confirmed if she will be performing.



Aleks And The Ramps

I have only recently come across this Melbourne band and am really enjoying what I’ve heard so far. I don’t know if  bands would like their music described this way, but I find their music kind of cute.  The song Antique Limb in particular. They play the kind of  quirky pop music with fun lyrics that I’m an absoulte sucker for, and hopefully you guys will dig it too.

They have a show at Triple R’s perfromance space for subscribers only, or people who buy their album from the site linked on the band’s myspace. The rest of us  will get to hear it live to air on 102.7, or over the internet, from 6:30.

Aleks and the Ramps- Antique Limb.mp3


Remember the first band that added you on myspace?

Chances are you can’t remember them, they’ve broken up or their music was in serious need of development.

I was lucky then, that I was added by a Melbourne/Geelong band called The Razor Cartel. Being a naive 14 year old, I thought that it was totally aweosme that a band would want to be be friend and I emailed them so many times I’m suprised they didn’t block me. I even roped them in to doing an interview for a year 9 English project.

Three years on, the band have spilt up and I’ve stop being so obessive about the emails(sort of..). The Lead singer, Ben Fraser has now formed a new band under the name Ravines.

According to their mypace, Ravines play damaged pop music, which seems like quite an accurate description. The band are huge fans of bands like The Clash, The Smiths and The Jam and some of this influence comes off on their track ” The Shakedown,” which is a catchy little tune that wouldn’t seem out of place on a compliation of British bands from the 1980’s.

I don’t have any mp3’s of these guys, so you’re going to have to head to their myspace page to give them a listen.

Also, I have exams happening very soon and won’t have much time to find new music on the web.  If you’re in a band, or know of a band who would like to be featured on this blog, send me an email at

AC/DC Annouce More Shows

Guess who’s going to see AC/DC?

I’m super excited about this. I know that they’re aging rockers and all, but I doubt they’ll tour again for quite some time, so I really couldn’t care less. and it’ll be my sister’s first concert. Hows that for bragging rights.

The band have annouced more shows for their australian leg of the Black Ice tour and all the details and all tickets are on sale now from here.

[Review] Lemming- Dandelions

My inbox does get much love from anyone other than spammers, so I was pleasently suprised when I recevied an email from Lemming, a band from Zanesville, Ohio. In the email they mentioned that their album could be downloaded for free on I thought I would take them up on the offer and give it a listen.

Dandelion has a real DIY feel to it, as if it was recorded in someone’s garage. I’m not sure if it’s just the crappy quality mp3s but it really suits the songs.  I know many people like their albums to sound clean and polished. Unfortunatly, if your one of them, you’ll hate this record.

Lemming are a band that wear their influences on their sleeves. The band’s Pixies influence can be heard from the opening track Untitled, a fairly mellow track which mixes male and female vocals with fuzzed out guitars and Imperfect sounds like it could be a Nirvana track with its slighly out of tune vocals and distorted guitars. Selfish is quite a different track from the others, possibly because of the use of acoustic guitar at the start and the tempo changes that seem quite abrupt. The vocals, however, are not quite stong enough to pull a slower song off.

The problem with this album is that most of the songs blend into eachother. It’s not they they are band songs, but after hearing 10 tracks of the same thing it becomes almost impossible to distinguish them all.

The band do have a couple of slower songs, which make a nice change from all the distortion. Slowly Going Numb is the standout track of the  album, that for some reason reminds me of early Jebediah.

The title track  Dandelions, is also a standout track and is a much poppier song, in the vein of The Lemonheads. Goat song, despite the strange title is also one of the poppier tracks.

Dandelions is certainly an album for fans of band like Sonic Youth and The Pixies.  It lacks consistancy at times and the songs can blend into each other. However, it is quite a good listen if you’re in the right mood.

Three stars.

Lemming-Slowly Going Numb.mp3

The Keepsakes

It’s strange how things happen.  While I was mourning the loss of The Lucksmiths, I was wasting some time on the internet and came across an Adelaide indie band called The Keepsakes.

The reason I say this is strange is because The Keepsakes are quite obviously influenced by The Lucksmiths.

They play infectious and, for the most part, cheerful  pop songs with clever lyrics.

I’ve only heard a couple of their tracks, but they’ve won me over already.  If you’re into The Lucksmiths, The Whitlams, The Shins or just pop music in general I sugesst you give this band a listen.

The Keepsakes- The Week The Cat Dragged In.mp3

Yves Klein Blue Get Wise

You may not have heard of Brisbane indie band Yves Klein Blue, but chances are you’ve already heard their music.  Their song Polka is on a car ad (the one where the couple are throwing things into their car from their window) and they have had quite a bit of airplay on Triple J.

I had some money left on a gift voucher and bought their Draw Their Attention To Themselves EP in a moment of impulse buying. It soon became a favourite of mine and I highly recommend getting a copy if you haven’t already.

The band have a new single called Getting Wise, which is off their debut album Ragged & Ecstatic, which will be out in Australia on the 26th of June.

This is the video for Getting Wise.