New Eskimo Joe

The first song I heard by Eskimo Joe was Sweater, that annoyingly catchy song about a un agly hand-me-down. Being a sucker for all things poppy,I loved it. Since then I’ve been quite a big fan of the band.I must admit, however, I was a tad dissapointed with their last release Black Fingernails Red Wine. I felt like the poppy scarf wearing band I had grown to love were trying to hard to become rockstars. The whole thing came off a little bit…wanky.

Luckily they’ve redeemed themselves with their new single Foreign Lands, which a return to their original sound with a bit of Middle Eastern flavour thrown in for good measure. Their new album Inshalla will be realesed in Australia on the 29th of May and if this song is anyhting to go by, it should be quite good.


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