The Greasers

You can’t get much for free these days and  a lot of what you can isn’t very good.

The Greasers are currently offering their album as a free download. And let’s face it, free legal music is pretty damn good. Just head to their Myspace for the links.

The Greasers are a Melbourne band that feature Dominic Byrne from Little Red on vocals. As you would expect, these guys have a touch of the retro thing happening without the harmonies that Little Red are known for. Not only is it worth paying for, but it’s free.

The Greasers-Shelly.mp3


2 comments on “The Greasers

  1. music=love says:

    I must check this out. I had no idea that Little Red had side projects going on.

  2. Lauren says:

    I only found them by accident.
    The album is pretty good. Not quite as good as Little Red but it’s worth a listen.

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