Little Red, Hi-fi Bar 09/04/09

After lining up for what felt like forever and getting to witness the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle I only mangaged to catch the last few songs from the Fearless Vampire Killers.  They play rock music similar to 67 Special or perhaps Jet before everybody started hating them. I would really like to see a proper set from these guys because from what I saw, they seem to put on a show.

I don’t know where to begin with the Ground Componants. Imagine if the lead singer of The Eddy Current Supression Ring joined madness. That pretty much sums it up. I coldn’t quite decide if it was absolutley brilliant or absolutley terrible. At the end of the set I was beginning to lean towards the latter.

This was Little Red‘s first underage Melbourne show and I think even they were suprised at the number of people who turned up. Seeing a Little Red show is probably the closest you can get to seeing The Beatles in their Cavern Club days without buliding a time machine. They played their way through an awesome set of sixties inspired pop and the crowd loved every minute of it. While they weren’t as well recived as thier older stuff  the new songs are sounding really good and it looks like the next album will be a good one. And I didn’t object to a couple of the bandmembers taking their shirts off…

Also, I can’t write about Little Red without mention their smiling drummer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier muscian.

Little Red-It’s Alright.mp3


One comment on “Little Red, Hi-fi Bar 09/04/09

  1. music=love says:

    Glad you enjoyed it because I did too!!

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