Yves Klein Blue Get Wise

You may not have heard of Brisbane indie band Yves Klein Blue, but chances are you’ve already heard their music.  Their song Polka is on a car ad (the one where the couple are throwing things into their car from their window) and they have had quite a bit of airplay on Triple J.

I had some money left on a gift voucher and bought their Draw Their Attention To Themselves EP in a moment of impulse buying. It soon became a favourite of mine and I highly recommend getting a copy if you haven’t already.

The band have a new single called Getting Wise, which is off their debut album Ragged & Ecstatic, which will be out in Australia on the 26th of June.

This is the video for Getting Wise.


4 comments on “Yves Klein Blue Get Wise

  1. Mr. Cho says:

    OMG! i rly like the song Getting Wise!!
    amazing! (^.^) WOOT!!
    (>.>) shhh.. im addicted to it now… just hve to see how long it will last haha!
    do they hve any other songs that hve Getting Wise’s kinda music style?

    • Lauren says:

      I know!
      It’s way too addictive for its own good.
      Maybe try some other Yves Klein Blue stuff.
      Maybe you’ll like Vampire Weekend, they’re not the same but their stuff is quite poppy.

  2. Mr. Cho says:

    oh btw, the lead singer of Yves Klein Blue looks kinda “nifty/cool” (^.^)
    Their song Polka is ok, but Getting Wise is more my type of song hehe!

  3. Lauren says:

    I’m guessing by cool you mean hot, Mr Cho?
    Maybe I’ll have to introduce you to new music based on how good looking the members are.

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