Remember the first band that added you on myspace?

Chances are you can’t remember them, they’ve broken up or their music was in serious need of development.

I was lucky then, that I was added by a Melbourne/Geelong band called The Razor Cartel. Being a naive 14 year old, I thought that it was totally aweosme that a band would want to be be friend and I emailed them so many times I’m suprised they didn’t block me. I even roped them in to doing an interview for a year 9 English project.

Three years on, the band have spilt up and I’ve stop being so obessive about the emails(sort of..). The Lead singer, Ben Fraser has now formed a new band under the name Ravines.

According to their mypace, Ravines play damaged pop music, which seems like quite an accurate description. The band are huge fans of bands like The Clash, The Smiths and The Jam and some of this influence comes off on their track ” The Shakedown,” which is a catchy little tune that wouldn’t seem out of place on a compliation of British bands from the 1980’s.

I don’t have any mp3’s of these guys, so you’re going to have to head to their myspace page to give them a listen.

Also, I have exams happening very soon and won’t have much time to find new music on the web.  If you’re in a band, or know of a band who would like to be featured on this blog, send me an email at electricskeleton@live.com


2 comments on “Ravines

  1. Ravines says:

    […] Original post by Lauren […]

  2. reactionmechanism says:

    Oh Myspace, how strange it can be. I used to get really excited when a band would add me, because it was usually the band itself. Nowadays, you’re lucky if it’s the actual band and not some variation on a promoter/superfan, or even just a rope=a-dope for some spam ad. Now I mainly check Myspace when I know which band I’m looking for, usually to tell people about a group without sending them contraband MP3’s. 🙂

    (PS, thanks for reading my blog; I’ll be sure to stop in at yours from time to time as well!)

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