Bob Evans Covers Lily Allen

There seem to be heaps of Male artists covering songs by female popstars. I’ve always found this a bit odd, considering there don’t seem to half as many female artists doing this with songs originally sung by guys.

I superpose this could be because of the number of female pop stars at the moment releasing songs of a sexual nature. I say this because there seem to be a lot of covers of these kinds of songs done for comedic effect. Just look at the amount of covers of I’ve Kissed A Girl that are circulating the internet. The thing with these kind of covers is that they’re good when they work(although the joke wears off quickly) but when they fail they sound really, really lame.

Occaisionally however, you get meaningful takes on pop songs. Just look at Daniel Rossum’s cover of Too Little Too Late by Jojo, or Grand Atlantic’s cover of Single Ladies.

When I heard that Bob Evans was going to cover Lily Allen’s ode to an underperfoming boyfriend, Not Fair, for Triple J’s Like A Version, part of me hoped it fall inthe second catagory. Not that it would be easy to turn a song with a line about oral pleasure into a meaningful ballard.

Predictably the song boarders on the comedy spectrum. Not that it’s a bad cover. It’s done is Bob Evans’s folk style, which suits the song’s parody of country music.

To hear it for yourself, head here.

In other Lily Allen news, she’s going to appear on neighbors during her Australian tour, although it is not confirmed if she will be performing.



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