Streamer Bendy

Brisbane band Streamer Bendy play female fronted rock the way it should be played: loud, dirty and fun.

Named after lead singer Erinn Swan’s childhood imaginary friend, the band consists of a group of  friends who were in other bands and got  together at a holiday house and formed a band.

Boy Oh Boy has a the same kind of energy as a Be Your Own Pet song, or early Yeah Yeah Yeahs. These guys could teach Lily Allen a thing or two about writing dirty lyrics. The lyrics in this song boarder on not- safe- for- work material but in a good way.

Beleive it or not, these guys have never played a show together, but judging by their recorded material, when they do, it’ll be epic. For anyone in Brisbane, the band will play their first ever show at the WITH DIGITAL LOVE Showcase on June 10th at  BarSoma.

Streamer Bendy-Boy Oh Boy.m4a

Music posted with permission


2 comments on “Streamer Bendy

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  2. music=love says:

    This sounds very interesting…definitely a band I will keep my eye out for.

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