Happy GAT Day To Me…

Yesterday was my 17th birthday. It was also the day that Victorian students doing VCE or a VCE subject had so sit the General Acheivement Test, a three hour general knowladge test that has someting to do with moderating VCE scores.

This year, everyone deceided that they would try and include George Clooney in the GAT.  Since I love a good bandwagon, I made a rather dodgy reference to him and his pet pig  in the written section. Apparently VCAA are planning to mark down students who mentioned him, which is quite stupid in my opinion. Anyone who has ever sat the GAT will tell you it’s probably the most boring waty to spend three hours. You’d think they’d want people to get excited by it.

Either way, I’m only doing one VCE subject, so it’s no big deal really.

George Clooney. Make the GAT a little less boring since 2009

George Clooney: making the GAT a little less boring since 2009

Anyway, aside from that epic waste of time my birthday was really good. I got an aweosme new laptop from my parents, which will probably mean more updates since my old was a hand-me-down from my grandpa and rediculously slow.

I also got make up, a DVD, a rubicks cube clock and my favourite dinner. YAY!

Anyway, I thought I would celebrate by posting a song about my current age. And really, there’s no better way to celebrate than with the sex pistols.*

*Although this song really has nothing about being 17. Whatever, I like it.


4 comments on “Happy GAT Day To Me…

  1. Mr. Cho says:

    Happy Bday Lauren!!

    Hmm, i still dont get why ppl were doin George Clooney on the GAT?!
    And he has a pet pig (O.o) thats weirder/funnier than the time i heard Cmpbl had a pet duck (^.^)
    Anyhows, wats the new laptop like! Is it shiny and pink!!
    If its windows Vista, i will hve to recommend some good gadgets/widgets to add!
    I’ll happily show u 2morow if ud like.

    Cyas later.
    Hve a Great Day!

    • Lauren says:

      His pig was called Max but it died about a year ago, I think.
      The laptop is awesome. It’s so shiny but not pink unfortunatly.
      The only gadget I have aside from the time and weather is a notepad thing.
      I’m thinking of getting the google translate one…not that I’m failing French or anything.

  2. music=love says:

    Hey Happy Bday!!! When I heard about the George Clooney GATT thing I though it was the coolest thing ever. I would have definitely mentioned him somehow…so good for you.

  3. leedexam says:

    Happy Birthday to you ( belated )
    a gift suggestion for you and all. somewhere, there is a bullet having your name on it. Why not own it?

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