The Amcats- Jang Jang Robot

jangjangrobot frontcover
They say that comparing bands to other bands is lazy writing. But it is impossible to write about Adelaide band The Amcats without mentioning The White Stripes. The band is comprised of Shane (vocals, guitars) and Renee (drums) and they play a healthy mix of Mississipi blues and garage rock that would make Jack White proud.
The band have recently relasesed a 7″ titled “Jang Jang Robot.” The release was limited to 150 copies and can be purchased from:
7″ – Bomp (USA)
7″ – Fuzz Overdose (Greece)
7″ – Powertool (NZ)
7″ – Cosmis Dave’s (Canada)
7″ – Plastic Fact (USA)
7″ – Smashed (Australia)
mp3 – Klicktrack (Sweden)

The Amcats- Jang Jang Robot.mp3

Mp3 posted with permission


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