Kisschasy-Generation Why

There are two reasons why I don’t like the new single from Kisschasy:

1) The title is a pun on “Generation Y.” This is something that always pisses me off. We aren’t all stupid, we don’t all throw Corey worthington style parties and many of us refuse to listen to shitty Pop punk/emo/whatever you call it music.

2) The song, and this band for that matter, play pop punk/emo/whatever you call it music.

Don’t get me wrong, I know these guys have heaps of teenage fans and I liked them a few years ago, but their music so forgettable. There are so many bands that sound like this and it’s a sound that’s not particually interesting or even fun to listen to. For a genre that is supossedly “emotional” there really isn’t any, at leastn ot in this song.

Anyway, here is the video. It’s probably just worth a look to see the lead singer’s Billie Joe Armstrong impersonation.


2 comments on “Kisschasy-Generation Why

  1. Ben says:

    I think the song is a piece of typical leftist nonsense. The Left have never been right about anything. If they had their way the world as we know it would be well and truly fucked and you would be given the choice of turning Muslim or being executed for not doing so.

    As they say, a Leftist is just and Right winger who hasn’t grown up yet.

  2. Gengar says:

    I disagree completely with the other comment, but I agree with your wonderful piece of Kisschasy hatred. They’re a horrible, horrible teenie pop band who are trying to disguise themselves as a group to be taken seriously. And the sad part is, some people are being convinced.

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