Georgia Fields, Tim McMillan, Yelka @ The Wesley Anne 27/06/09

There are two types of  live acoustic music: there is the boring, lifeless kind that sound like it has been taken straight from the CD and then there is the entertaining kind that is either emotional or delivered in a way that sucks the audience in. Luckily all of the bands that performed on Saturday night fit into the latter catagory.

This gig was organised to help Yelka raise funds to record her debut album, and if tonight is anything to go by, it will definatly be one worth buying.

I missed out on the first support act but arrived just in time to catch the beginning of Georgia Fields‘ set. This was my first time seeing her live and apperently she usually performs with a band. Her music is a little on the quirky side and her lyrics were often witty. She mixed up her set by switching from guitar to keyboard to ukele. She is definently worth checking out.

It isn’t often that you get to witness someting truley orginal. When Tim McMillian introduced his band as “The Renagades of Goblincore” we knew we were in for a treat.  Joined by a dummer and a bass player he played amazing metal style guitar on an acoustic guitar and would often interrupt instrumentals by shouting in what sounded like German. Occaisonally he would also join the bass player for some mournful sounding singing.  this may sound bizzare on paper, and to an extent it was, his set was one of the most entertaing I’ve seen in quite some time. In between songs she would share hilarious stories (I won’t give anything away) and would often begin songs with instrumental covers of pop songs befor launching into some kind of crazy guitar jam. I highly recommend seeing them live if you can.

The final performer tonight was Yelka and her small band. Despite her young age, Yelka makes music that can be both touching and at times, humorous. She has an amazing voice and I wouldn’t be suprised if she ends of sharing the stage with the likes of Clare Bowditch in the near future. She played a mix of old and new material and even threw in a song about one of her bandmate’s habit of getting parking fines. Her set was cut short because of time restrctions, however it didn’t stop it being a great show.

Also, the people standing outside the door listening should be ashamed of themselves. Would it kill you to support the bands and pay $12?

Tim McMillan and Yelka are playing a show at the Northcote Social Club on the 19th of July, I hightly reccomend going.


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