Yves Klein Blue Twitter

I can’t stand Twitter. I like myspace and I’m addicted to Facebook but I draw the line at writing pointless 140 character updates about what you ate for lunch. Strangley enough, more and more bands are choosing to promote themselves by using Twitter. One of the better recent examples would have to be Yves Klein Blue.

On the 26th of June, which was also the relase date of their debut album “Ragged and Esctatic,” followers of the band on Twitter could download fist track on the album Make Up Your Mind for free and could also enter the competition to see the band play to Splendor in the Grass by tweeting (god I hate that word)  what lengths they would go to to see them.

If you’re interested, head here

If you’re like me and try to avoid Twitter at all costs, the track can be downloaded from the Triple J website.

Their album is in stores now and is definently worth the $20. Otherwise it can be downloaded from itunes for $13.99 with a bonus track.

I’ll have a review of the album for you guys sometime in the next week or so but I hightly reccomend getting a copy.


4 comments on “Yves Klein Blue Twitter

  1. music=love says:

    Hey I’m seeing these guys next Fri @ Northcote Social Club. I don’t know their stuff so I’m getting my intro at the gig but I love their name. I’ll download the free song from twitter which by the way, I heart.

  2. Lauren says:

    I really wanted to go to that show but it’s sold out and I have ID issues. Let me know how they were.

    I hated Facebook when it first came out. I have a feeling I will eventually get a twitter account and become addicted.

  3. Mr. Cho says:

    WOOT!! go Yves Klein Blue!! =P
    i agree, Twitter is rather pointless.. especially the ad on tv where a guy voice twitters that his frozen meal is crap.. (x.x) wtf?!
    hahahah! “tweeting”
    tweet tweet!
    i shall c u 2morow then,

  4. Lauren says:

    Shouldn’t the past tense of twitter be twit? Or twittered?
    Blah! That’s what you get for actually doing your eng lang homework

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