King George

King Geoge are a young band from Perth. One of the members, Vocalist and guitarist Jordi James won the 2008 WAMi song of the year competition, which gave him 10 hours of studio time and resulted in a self-titled EP. He soon decided that he needed a backing band and gradually the members of what is now known as King George came to help him out.

These guys have some great songs and very strong vocals, which many up-and-coming bands seem to lack. This is espcially noticeable on their track Entertainment Tonight, which is almost bluesy. Musically they play a mix of folk and pop music with harmonies and the odd harmonica. They are probably best described as what  Angus and Julia Stone and The Kooks would sound like if they were thrown in a blender.

Apparently these guys are planning to record an EP sometime in the near future as well.

If you’re a fan of pop, folk or good music in general, then I highly recommend you check these guys out.


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