Yves Klein Blue- Ragged & Ecstatic

It’s great when an album actually lives up to, and in this case, supasses your expectations. Yves Klein Blue are an indie band form Brisbane who quickly became Triple J favourites after the release of thier excellent debut EP Draw Attention To Themselves. Recorded in LA with producer Kevin Augunas (Cold War Kids) Ragged & Ecstatic is the band’s first album, and a damn good one at that.

Album opener Make Up Your Mind has been avaliable as a free download for quite some time and unsterstandably so. It’s a bouncy pop song in the vein of Vampire Weekend and a great introduction to the band’s sound. The first single from the album, Getting Wise is another catchy indie pop song based around a piano riff. Mistibishi Ad favourite Polka made its way on the album and is amazingly catchy despite having no real chorus.

There is more to the band than catchy pop songs, however. Album closer Gin Sling is best described as a country song, however Michael Tomlison’s vocal style stops i from becomming cheesy. Digital Love (no, it’s not a cover of the Daft Punk song) is as close to a straight up rock song as it gets on the album but it’s still as catchy as hell. About The Future is a more serious song that mainly features acoustic guitar. The ska tinged Summer Sheets features a horn section and is definently one of the album’s standout tracks.

The album drags on a little bit at the end, espcially the track Reprise, which would probably be better as a B-side. Overall, Ragged & Ecstatic is fantastic debut album with many highlights. I have a feeling that these guys are going to be huge.



4 comments on “Yves Klein Blue- Ragged & Ecstatic

  1. HJ says:

    dude i saw these guys live, i completely agree. im yet to do my review on the concert, which is now probably not going to happen. haah

    sick blog by the way.

    take it easy.

  2. music=love says:

    I saw them last Fri at Northcote Social Club and I have to say they were FANBLOODYtastic. I’ve not really heard much of them but I will definitely buy their album now!

  3. music=love says:

    Forgot to read that you replied to my comment and already know I went…duh. Anyways…you should defintely see them live at some point if you can (fingers crossed for some underage gigs).

    • Lauren says:

      I sent a message to their record company and apparently they might be doing a festival or two but no underage gigs on the horizan 😦
      I’ll have to find myself a decent I.D,I think.

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