Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

What was the director of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince thinking?

Most people come and see the films because they like books or at least enjoyed the other movies. It seems strange then that they made a film that has almost no similarities to the orginal story. I’m not usually one for comparing the books to the films but this was impossible to ignore. I can imagine many die-hard Harry fans being very pissed off about this.

All of the talk of it being a darker film in the trailers is absolute rubbish. The whole thing was like a romantic comedy with a touch of magic thrown in there every now and then. It almost felt as if they forgot what kind of film they were making. While humor is an essential part of the films, at times I felt like I was watching a comedy rather than a Harry Potter film. Too many hormones and not enough darkness.

The film wasn’t terrible though. It was very entertaining and it didn’t feel like it dragged on. The comedy did work well and the special effects were excellent. The magic side of the plot was neglected and anoyone who hadn’t read the books were often left confused as things weren’t really explained in any sort of depth. The death of one of the major chacters lacked any real emotion and could have been handled a lot better.

The ending of the film was anti-climatic. Anyone who was hoping for a battle like there is in the book will be extremly dissapointed as the director didn’t want one because of the battle in the last intsallment of the series,

Overall, it is an enjoyable but dissapointing film.  It should have been so much better but instead it just set us up for the next installment. Here’s hoping the next film is better.



3 comments on “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

  1. torchy! says:

    hi Lauren,

    it’s always been an annoyance the way that the Harry Potter movies sometimes stray so far from the books. obviously a screenplay has to generally omit large chunks from a book, but i’m totally baffled as to why they actually changed so much stuff, particularly at the start of the HBP.

    it reminds me of how the setting of the Hogwarts grounds and Hagrid’s hut changed so much between the first 2 films and the third.

    it’s all rather bizarre. having said that, i wasn’t too bothered by it because i’ve pretty much come to accept that it’s going to happen, and i still enjoyed the movie. i think there could have been a few more laughs if Ron had turned his attention to Harry in Slughorn’s office during the love potion seen, but it was still funny as it was.

    best wishes

    (came via Cho’s site)

  2. Mr. Cho says:

    torchy was referrin to me lauren wen he said “Cho”.
    btw, torchy, its Mr Cho to u! HAHA!!

  3. Lauren says:

    I knew who he was talking about wells.
    Ron coming on to Harry would be hilarious, however I was sitting next to Wells in the cinema and he was bad enough watchingt Malfloy(who is not hot).

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