Bluejuice Broken Leg Video

I got this video in my inbox today and it’s too brilliant to not share.

I’m sure some of you will remember Bluejuice for their catchy-as-hell song Vitriol and the hilarious video that went with it. I think they may have toppped that effort with their new video Broken Leg, which focuses on a skipping competition circa 1985.

If only more music videos were this good.


3 comments on “Bluejuice Broken Leg Video

  1. Cam Farrar says:


    Thanks for putting it up.


    Who are bluejuice btw?

  2. Deidre says:

    LOVE IT. Seriously, AWESOME. I am actually a bit speechless, I mean how does one come up with such a kickass music video idea?? I might have to share this on my blog! Thanks so much for the introduction to bluejuice.

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