The Quarters

Yes, There are only three of them

I first came accross the The Quarters through a couple of friends from my local Freeza group who kept insisting that we get them to play at one of our gigs.  Needless to say that they did play and although there were issues during their set(namely a wanker throwing things on stage) I still came away a fan.

The most accurate description of  The Quaters that I’ve ever heard came from one of these friends who described their sound as a cross between The Living End and The Arctic Monkeys. While this sounds like a bizarre combination, it really does work.

The Living End influences are everywhere, especially in the guitar parts(which anyone who’s heard Chris Cheney play will tell you is a very good thing) and all of their songs I’ve heard have the same kind of energy as some of the earlier Living End stuff.

The track I’ve posted(with permission, don’t sue me) is one of my favourites by these guys and was also used in my slightly dodgy short film. They seem to do quite a bit of gigging and it’s worth seeing them, considering I enjoyed the set I saw and there was an idot in attendence.

The Quarters-When I Speak.mp3


4 comments on “The Quarters

  1. Mr. Cho says:

    lol! the quarters with 3 ppl. interesting; but i was actually interested wen i saw the GIANT picture!! (^.^) yay!
    their music isnt all my type but i still listened thru their whole song =)
    so they arent bad but still need to get beta (agreed on bizarre) haha

  2. Lauren says:

    Hahah. I didn’t realise the pic would be so big until I put it up there!
    t’s I reckon they’re pretty good but it’s the kind of music that works better live.

  3. Wayne says:

    Wow love their sound lets hope they kick on and do well for them self.

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