Kisschasy Have Seizures

As some of you may know, I’m a bit over the whole pop-punk/emo/whatever you call it thing. It might be because all of the music sounds the same, the lyrics are contrived and attempt to be “deep” when they really aren’t, it’s obviously marketed at people my age(which I find a little insulting) or it could because I was a massive fan of this stuff when I was thirteen and overplayed it to the point where I can no longer listen to it without cringing.

However, I know that ther are plenty of people who dig this stuff and opinions are like arseholes(everybody has one).

Kisschasy are one of the more sucssesful bands to come out of this genre. They’ve managed to win the hearts of teenage girls everywhere and release two albums that have been quite popular and Hyms For The Non-Believer even experiemented with the genre a little.

They have a new album called Seizures coming out on the 21st of August and I recived the title track in my inbox and thought I would share it with anybody you all. The song itself sounds like you would exprect a Kisschasy song to sound, although I’m not sure about those “ah-ahs” before the chorus. According to the lead singer Darren Cordeux, the song is about a friend who was “not living life to the fullest because they were too afraid of the consequences.”

Anyway, You can have a listen youself. The mp3 is posted with permission, so don’t even think about suing.The band are also going on a national tour with quite a few all ages shows, so head over to their website to see all the dates.



2 comments on “Kisschasy Have Seizures

  1. Nathan says:

    thanks for your comment on my blog, the DMCA notice was about an arctic monkeys song, was quite annoying, but oh well. I was on Blogger before wordpress and got a ton more on there too. The thing is they never ask. Pisses me off.

  2. yeh right.. great post, Thank You

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