New Kate Miller-Heidke Video

I can never quite decide how I feel about Kate Miller-Heidke. At first I found her music kind of annoying to be honest, however I saw her live earlier this year at an all ages festival and it was one of the most entertaining sets I’ve ever seen. She has a great voice and some increbily clever and catchy songs, but all that quirkiness can be a bit grating when you’re not in the mood. So at the moment, I’m sitting on the fence.

Anyway, her song The Last Day On Earth was all over the Neighbours promos when Bridget died (it’s amazing how much I know about this show from only seeing the promos) and is now being released as a single.  This is the offical video:

It took quite a while for the offical video to come out which promted some clever people to make their own. This is a cool animated one which I prefer to the official one simply because it doesn’t look like a typical film clip.

You know how some people say there’s a song for every situation? Well, I don’t think it’s true, but now there’s a song about having an ex add you as a friend on facebook. If they added an ” Are you fucking kidding me?” button  I’m sure the internet would be a much better place.


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