Hungry Kids, Remixes and Old Money

This has been floating around in my inbox for the last week or so and if I have to write one more thing about how slums form I will go mental. So I will post it now.

Old money was not my favourite track of The Hungry Kids of Hungary’s Mega  Mountain EP. Not that it’s a bad song, it just lacks the immediate appeal that the others on the EP had, which is probably due to the fact that it’s the track after Scattered Diamonds which is the catchiest song on the release.

The band recently released the video for old Money which was shot in an old Museum in Brisbane.

I’m not a huge fan of remixes in general as I haven’t found many that improve the original but this one makes the song even more fun and kind of suits the song. It gives it more of a Vampire Weekend vibe, I think. It is also avaliable as a free download.

<div style=”font-size: 11px;”> <div style=”padding-top: 5px;”><a href=””>Hungry Kids Of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds (Alcopop Remix) – 320kbps</a>  by  <a href=””>delinquents</a></div></div&gt;

2 comments on “Hungry Kids, Remixes and Old Money

  1. music=love says:

    I love Vampire Weekend!!

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