Philadelphia Grand Jury

I think I have just found my new favourite Australian band.

Philadelphia Grand Jury, or the Philly Jays as they also like to be known, are not your typical indie band. They look like they would fit in at a Star Wars convention, they’re signed to a punk label, they have awesome stagenames like Dan W Sweat, MC Bad Genius and Berkfinger. Oh,  and they also make  some incredibly catchy music.

Many people would be familiar with their song Going To The Casino, which has been getting heaps of Triple J airplay and they have also had one of their songs played on the TV series Underbelly.

I’m Going To Kill You is possibly one of best death threat songs around. It is the stuff that nightmares are maded out of. You know, the kind of nightmares that involve indie bands chasing after you with meat cleavers(trust me, I’ve many of those dreams).  The song has plenty of frantic guitar strumming and harmonies and is so damn catchy that you will have it stuck in your head for weeks.

The song is frm an EP that cann be purchased as a limited 7″  or on itunes. The Philly Jays also have an album called Hope is For Hopers coming out on September 25 and I have a feeling it’s going to be rediculously good. I have a feeling I’m going to be very broke by the time October rolls around.

Philadelphia Grand Jury- I’m Going To Kill You.mp3


One comment on “Philadelphia Grand Jury

  1. onthetune says:

    Damn, awesome song! Some of their stuff is really good.

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