How to loose fans and alienate people

When a reletivley unkown band changes their sound to be more commerical and then become hugley sucsessful, it is easy to see why their fans get upset. This is what happened to Kings of Leon last year when they released Only by Night. To be fair, the album does contain quite a few catchy songs and it is easy to see why the masses went ape-shit over Sex On Fire. After releasing a ridicoulous amount of singles from the album, it has been revealed that Kings of Leon are planning a remix album featuring Pharral Williams, Justin Timberlake and Linkin Park.

I understand that the band can do whatever they like, but they’re alienating a huge part of their fan base.  I’m also not so sure who would actually buy this. They don’t really seem like the most remixable band and many of the band’s newer fans seem to some from the “we change our favourite bands as often as we change underwear” school of thoughts and by the time this comes out they would have moved on to other bands.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


4 comments on “How to loose fans and alienate people

  1. Mr. Cho says:

    the cute lookin lead guy definitely isnt alienating me (^.^) HEHEHEHEE!!
    hmm, i agree, Sex on Fire was superly over-played on radio and crap i just got sick of it…

  2. Lauren says:

    The whole album was pretty average compared to their new stuff.
    I just has the unpleasent experience of watching someone butcher sex on fire on idol. I remember why I don’t watch it

  3. onthetune says:

    Only By The Night had a few good songs, but geez Youth And Young Manhood and Aha Shake Heartbreak were amazing. They sound so different to the new stuff too. Most of their “fans” would be shocked at how they used to sound. I prefer their old stuff personally (I usually despise people who say that just to pretend they were fans from the beginning, but I really believe it was better.).
    I highly doubt the remix album will be any good anyway.
    FUN FACT: Did you know they all of their album titles are made up of 5 syllables, apparently on purpose? XD

  4. Of course they will be commercial, they want to make money.. nothing else 🙂

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