Das Pop Never Get Enough

Das Pop

How do you like your pop?

If your answer is fun, danceable and catchy-as-hell, the latest track to be sent to the depths of my inbox is for you.

Das Pop are three parts Belgian and one part Kiwi. They have played at Glastonbury and have toured with The Gossip, Death Cab For Cutie and The Kills. Soulwax(2 Many DJ’s) even took time off to produce their album which will be released at the end of October and if this song is any indication, it’ll be a very fun record.

Never Get Enough is the track I have for you guys to download and it is a fun pop song that definitely has a real summer vibe. Which is a bit frustrating because it’s cloudy and windy where I am at the moment.

You can download the song here:


Or if that doesn’t work, as a zip file from here:




Big Day Out 2010 Line-Up

I have a confession to make: I have never been to the Big Day Out, mostly because it’s always the day before school goes back and my mum is one of those “school is important” parents. But  judging by the first line-up announcement, I think next year will be the year I finally go. The line-up is looking pretty good on the international front and there is no sign of Limp Bizket. On the local side of things, the usual  boring and big-ish Aussie bands are playing(Powderfinger, Grinspoon… zzzz) but there a few interesting bands I think the second line-up will feature some more exciting  local acts. It’s a bummer that the David Bowie rumours were false though. I would give my right arm to see him play live.

Lily Allen
Eskimo Joe
Groove Armada
The Mars Volta
Dizzee Rascal
Girl Talk
The Temper Trap
Midnight Juggernauts
Rise Against
Magic Dirt
Lisa Mitchell
The Horrors
Calvin Harris
The Decemberists
Tame Impala

The tickets are released on different days depending on your state, and the dates are:


In Thailand

At the moment I’m sitting in hot and rainy Phuket while my family are spending the afternoon in the hotel room, which I find just a tad depressing considering we’re a nine-hour flight  away from home.

So far I’ve discovered that I get plane sick, sat through The Proposal (which would be considered torture if it didn’t have Ryan Renalds in it) and braved aeroplane food. Since arriving in Thailand I spent one night in a fancy hotel in Bangkok which was too far away from everything to do anything and went on a flight that smelt like a fish market that had VERY questionable food and two Swedish guys who would not shut up for the two hour duration. I also went CD shopping, went clothes shopping, have been on a couple of tuk tuks, have tried green pepsi, been sunburnt at the hotel’s pool, been to the beach and have discovered the joy of three dollar cocktails. And it’s only been three days.

I haven’t got any music to post you guys because I’m using the hotel’s internet and it’s a tad expensive, but I have heaps of stuff to write about when I get back including reviews of (500) Days of Summer, Young Werther’s Treasure EP, the new Muse album, Oh Mercy and whatever I stumble accross in Thailand, music wise.

Philadelphia Grand Jury Album Stream

I’ve been looking forward to hearing Philadelphia Grand Jury’s debut album Hope is For Hopers for quite some time. The band have been nice enough to let their album be available for streaming for a limited time before it is released on the 25th of September.

Despite getting the slow internet remix, first impressions are very good. If you enjoyed the previous singles or the EP you will you definitely enjoy the album as it more of what we’ve come to expect from the Philly Jays: a bunch ridiculously catchy rock songs.

I’ll have a proper review of the album  for you guys when it comes out. Also, if you pre-order the album from JB-hifi it comes with a free T-shirt.


Vampire Weekend Reveal New Album

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutley loved Vampire Weekend’s debut album from last year, so as you can probably imagine, I was pretty excited to hear that their band’s second album Contra will be released on January 12 next year. The band have also released the album, which ties in quite nicely with the previous album’s cover, although I can’t say I’m a fan. It’ll be interesting to see how the new album goes now that the hype has worn worn off.

The tracklist is:

01 – Horchata
02 – White Sky
03 – Holiday
04 – California English
05 – Taxi Cab
06 – Run
07 – Cousins
08 – Giving Up the Gun
09 – Diplomat’s Son
10 – I Think Ur a Contra


Hi guys. Sorry about the chronic lack of posting over the past couple of weeks, it’s been absolutley mental latley.

It’s the last week of term and it seems that all of my teachers have gone “shit(or golly or geewiz or whatever teachers say nowadays), it’s the last week of term. We better organise as many SACs as possible.”

So it’s been a fun week full of study, homework, freaking out and trying to brain for two periods straight. Unfortunatly this doesn’t leave time for the things I actually want to do, and this includes blogging.

Things are starting to settle down a bit and I have a couple of reviews and stuff I would like to post, which will hopefully happen before I go to Thailand at the end of the week(epic win!).

Them Crooked Vultures Are Coming To Australia!

 Is it wrong of me to be excited about the prospect of seeing a band live, despite hearing only thirty seconds of their music?

Probably. But in the case of supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, it’s perfectly rational. The band consists of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones. Awesome.

What’s even better is that the band will be embarking on a four date Australian tour. Tickets go on sale on the 22nd of September.

Tue Jan 19 – Challenge Stadium, Perth
Fri Jan 22 – Festival Hall, Melbourne
Mon Jan 25 – Riverstage, Brisbane
Tue Jan 26 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney