Maximo Park Tour Australia

Maximo Park will be embarking on a five show Australian tour in November. All of the shows will be held in theatres around the country.

Maximo Park released their  dissapointing third album Quicken The Heart earlier this year and will be playing songs from it was well as songs from their earlier releases. The band are known for their energetic live shows and the tour looks like it will be promising, provided that they aren’t sit down shows (I have no idea how anyone is supossed to sit whilst listening to songs from A Certain Trigger).

Tickets go on sale on the 11th of September.

Wednesday November 11 – Billboard, Melbourne
Thursday November 12 – The Hi Fi, Brisbane
Friday November 13 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Sunday November 15 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide
Tuesday November 17 – Capitol, Perth

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4 comments on “Maximo Park Tour Australia

  1. juliet R says:

    Why do you think that QTH is a disappointing third album?It needs quite a few listens before
    the songs can be appreciated.Its not going to be another Trigger..

    • Lauren says:

      It isn’t a terrible album, but considering what the band are capable of I was expecting something a bit less average.
      It is better after a few listens but it lacks the appeal of their first two albums.

  2. onthetune says:

    I’m planning on buying A Certain Trigger first anyway (Apply Some Pressure is the first song I heard by them), but is Quicken The Heart really that bad?
    I heard Wraithlike which seemed pretty good.

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