Hi guys. Sorry about the chronic lack of posting over the past couple of weeks, it’s been absolutley mental latley.

It’s the last week of term and it seems that all of my teachers have gone “shit(or golly or geewiz or whatever teachers say nowadays), it’s the last week of term. We better organise as many SACs as possible.”

So it’s been a fun week full of study, homework, freaking out and trying to brain for two periods straight. Unfortunatly this doesn’t leave time for the things I actually want to do, and this includes blogging.

Things are starting to settle down a bit and I have a couple of reviews and stuff I would like to post, which will hopefully happen before I go to Thailand at the end of the week(epic win!).


One comment on “Update

  1. onthetune says:

    Yeah, school does suck. I still have two weeks of exams dammit.

    Thailand?! Awesome, have fun!

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