In Thailand

At the moment I’m sitting in hot and rainy Phuket while my family are spending the afternoon in the hotel room, which I find just a tad depressing considering we’re a nine-hour flight  away from home.

So far I’ve discovered that I get plane sick, sat through The Proposal (which would be considered torture if it didn’t have Ryan Renalds in it) and braved aeroplane food. Since arriving in Thailand I spent one night in a fancy hotel in Bangkok which was too far away from everything to do anything and went on a flight that smelt like a fish market that had VERY questionable food and two Swedish guys who would not shut up for the two hour duration. I also went CD shopping, went clothes shopping, have been on a couple of tuk tuks, have tried green pepsi, been sunburnt at the hotel’s pool, been to the beach and have discovered the joy of three dollar cocktails. And it’s only been three days.

I haven’t got any music to post you guys because I’m using the hotel’s internet and it’s a tad expensive, but I have heaps of stuff to write about when I get back including reviews of (500) Days of Summer, Young Werther’s Treasure EP, the new Muse album, Oh Mercy and whatever I stumble accross in Thailand, music wise.


2 comments on “In Thailand

  1. Mr. Cho says:

    yay!! i agree, The Proposal was only cool coz of the awesome/cute/funny guy =)
    still rmber the scene where the boss and him clash naked (O.o)
    anyhows, Thailand sounds like more fun than im havin here in Melbourne!
    wish we got a gigantic red dust storm blowing by.. smthng interestin to admire at least (^.^)

  2. sabi says:

    Ohhh Thailand! Awesome! Looking forward to reading your upcoming reviews, especially (500) Days of Summer and Young Werther. 🙂

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