(500) Days Of Summer


(500) Days of Summer is not your typical romantic comedy. There are no grand declarations of love, no airport chase scenes that inexplicably don’t involve wait for hours at security, it doesn’t do that annoying thing where they try and add as many sub plots and characters as humanly possible and thankfully it doesn’t star Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock.

Instead it is a fun and kind of heartbreaking film about how love doesn’t always work.

The story focuses on Tom and Summer. Tom is a would-be architect who works at a greeting card company. He listens to too much British pop music (as if there is such a thing) and believes he will never be happy until he meets “the one.” Then he meets Summer immediately and falls in love. And she doesn’t.

(500) Days of Summer, as the name suggests, tracks the 500 days of their relationship as they fall in and out of love. The story is told in a non-liniar  fashion and skips from day 1 to day 270 and so on. This does force you to think, however it does get a bit confusing having to keep track all the time.

The acting is excellent. While Zooey Deschenal is her usual quirky self, Joseph Gordon Levitt is the real star. He is brilliant as Tom and plays the heart broken character so well that all through the movie you could hear “awww”s coming from all directions.  The soundtrack is also worth mentioning. It features many indie bands including Melbourne band The Temper Trap, which is pretty damn cool.

The movie isn’t perfect. The ending feels too contrived and Toms 12-year-old sister is incredibly annoying, but it doesn’t stop it from being the best romantic comedy to come out in quite some time.



One comment on “(500) Days Of Summer

  1. itallstarted says:

    I really liked this movie, and you’re right, JGL is the standout. I agree about the ending too – “Hi, I’m Autumn”, blerrgh! Almost ruined a great movie, that did.

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