Yves Klein Blue Make Up Their Mind

It’s no secret that I love Yves Klein Blue. They are probably one of the more exciting Aussie bands at the moment and they can go from rockabilly to indie to country, almost seamlessly.

Make Up Your Mind is the first track from their debut album Ragged & Ecstatic and was also available for free download through their Twitter promotion.  It’s probably the most poppy track on the album and does get a bit annoying once you’ve heard it 20,000 times, which probably makes it perfect for radio.

This is the new video from these guys and it’s worth a look. I can totally imagine Mr Cho liking this 😉


One comment on “Yves Klein Blue Make Up Their Mind

  1. Mr. Cho says:

    HAHAHAHAAAAA!! i luv it! (^.^)
    hmm, the camera angle when filmin the lead guy (pianist) is odd.. u see things haha.
    but yer, i liked the music vid as much as i liked the song!
    im still in awe they are an aussie band! woot!

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