Vampire Weekend Free Download


Horchata is a drink made from ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice and barley. It is also the name of Vampire Weekend’s new single which they’ve been nice enough to relase as a free download.

Although reaching the heights of their slightly patchy but incrediby fun debut album was always going to be a massive task, Horchata is hopefully an indication of what is to come because it’s sounding pretty damn good.

Admittetly, It isn’t a huge departure from their earlier sound, however there is a notable absence of guitars and more of an emphisis on percussion, which comes curtesy of Mauro Refosco who recently joined Thom Yorke’s band.

On another note, Vampire Weekend are coming to Sydney to play a show on the 21st of November. I don’t really see why they would come to Australia to play just one show, especially since it’s all the way over in the arse-end of world. Anyway, if someone knows, that would be great.

Horchata can be downloaded from the band’s website. And they even give you an option to download it without haivng to sign up for anything. Other bands should take note.


2 comments on “Vampire Weekend Free Download

  1. onthetune says:

    Other bands should indeed take note! I hate it when I have to sign up for things.

    And you shouldn’t be criticising bands for coming over here, even if it is only for one show! We need as many major acts coming over here as we can get. XD

  2. Lauren says:

    I know…I’m just jelous that I can’t see them!
    But yes, free downloads without spam are awesome

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