Young Werther-Treasure

There’s one big problem with Young Werther’s Treasure mini-album. It isn’t long enough.

Hell, even if it was a 2 hour long double album it wouldn’t be enough.

You see, Young Werther (A.K.A Mick Young) makes the kind of folk music you can get lost in. Full of delicate melodies and the kind of poetic lyrics that make you want to keep listening  just to see what is coming next, Treasure is as close to a perfect EP as you can get.

Bird Made of Ice is a heart-breakingly beautiful song and is a good indicator of what is to come next. Brother’s In Harm’s Way is the catchiest track on the EP and conjours up images of country towns and old men telling each other stories in their pubs(which is no surprise considering Mick Young is from rural Victoria).  The real centerpiece of the EP however, is Cornish Green which makes the acoustic guitar sound like the world’s most exciting instrument, as well as his usual standard of fantastic lyrics.

Why Young Werther isn’t seen as one of Australia’s best songwriters is beyond me, however if he continues releasing music this good, hopefully he’ll get the recognition he deserves.


Young Werther- Brothers in harm’s way.mp3


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