Upcoming All Ages Events(Melbourne)

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. I’m not dead, only studying, which is much, much worse. If you have any complaints you can send them to VCAA, preferably along with some anthrax

Anyway, there are a couple of all ages events in Melbourne coming up which I highly recommend you go to if you enjoy your gigs drug, smoke and alcohol free, or are forced to because LIQUOR LICENCING LAWS ARE STUPID!


The first one is a battle of the bands. The bands are The Refunds, Sheer Abandon, Mercey, Thieves in Law. I’ve only heard the The Refunds, who are great fun live and I reckon it’ll be worth going just to see them. The gig is happening on Friday the 30th at the Camberwell Civic Centre. Entry is $10 or $8 with Halloween costume. Doors open at six and bands start at seven. I’ll be working on cloak for most of the night, so make sure you come and say hi.

The second event is for us folks who didn’t get a school formal because of the bad (read drunken) behavior of the year above us, who get a formal anyway. It’s a Parody Prom and there will be daggy costumes, ice swans and a daggy DJ. The Rhetorics will also be playing and chances are they will cause some kind of ruckus. While it may sound a bit lame, tickets are selling fast and there will over 200 people attending and it’ll be heaps of fun. It’ll be on the 6th of November at the Hawthorne own Hall.

I should have more posts for you sometime soon, depending on exams, sleep deprivation, stress and my ridiculous workload. In the meantime, you can checkout the blogs in my blogroll. Just make sure you have plenty of download limit…there are a lot of great mp3s to be found.


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