Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween, the day when Australian children are bittlerly dissapointed that that don’t live in America where people actually give out lollies and the words “too American” aren’t thrown about every two seconds.

I thought I would celebrate by posting some Zombie Ghost Train. Zombie Ghost Train are a really fun pyschobilly band who sing songs about being a zombie and perform wearing zombie make-up. Very cool indeed.



4 comments on “Happy Halloween

  1. music=love says:

    hey did you get BDO tickets???

  2. music=love says:

    I’m not sure if there are enough bands I really really want to see. Muse are the ultimate but I still have my fingers crossed for their sideshows. Also, at the moment I’m favouring Good Vibrations with the Killers headlining, Gossip and Friendly Fires to name a few.

  3. Lauren says:

    Good Vibrations is looking pretty good, I must admit. I like quite a few of the BDO artists. I can’t wait to see the decemberists although I have idea how they’ll full off a festival show

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