Franz Ferdiand Sideshows

Franz Ferdinand are coming to Australia in March for the Future Music Festival and have announced sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney. And no Festival Hall!

Tickets go on sale on the 10th of December and the dates are:

Wednesday 3rd March –The Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Thursday 4th March –Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney


New John Butler Trio Music Video

When you have been making music for as long as John Butler has, it would be easy to fall into the same routine and release the same album again and again.

Luckily he still manages to keep things interesting and part of this is forming a new Trio every few years. While it is sad to see previous members and amazing musicians in their own right, Shannon Birchall and Michael Barker leave, if his new single One Way Road is anything to go by, a new trio might just be a step in the right direction.

The video for One Way Road has just been released and the song is a bit of a departure from his Grand National sound, which I must admit  for the most part I wasn’t really in love with it. It’s definitely more upbeat and almost rocky while still retaining his signature sound. The riff sounds oddly familiar though. Does anyone else think this? It’s driving me mental trying to figure out where it’s from.

Also, if you are like most people and have trouble understanding the lyrics, they’re included in the description when you watch it on youtube.

Phoenix Australian Tour Dates 2010

Phoenix are one of those bands that are very hard not to like, especially after releasing Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix an almost flawless pop album that was also their most critically acclaimed release.

They came to Australia very briefly this year and are coming back for a tour(minus Adelaide) in March. Not too thrilled about the choice of Festival Hall, which is a bit of a shit hole but it should be good. The tickets go on sale December 10 and Miami Horror are supporting.

Monday March 1 – Brisbane Convention Centre
Tuesday March 2 – Sydney Hordern Pavilion
Friday March 5 – Melbourne Festival Hall
Saturday March 6 – Perth Belvoir Amphitheatre

Tuesday Covers 24/11/09

I was originally going to post an Andrew Bird cover today, but I had one of those days that reminded me why I love buying the physical copies of music so much.

Okkervil River are quite possibly my favourite band in the world right now and I saw their Overboard and Down EP which is quite hard to get at my local second-hand CD store for $12 and decided to buy it. The guy at the counter noticed it only had five tracks and discounted it to $8.

As you can imagine I was feeling pretty happy at this point and as I was ripping it, I had a look to see if it was on Ebay or Amazon and to my surprise apparently people are paying over $140 for it!! I think I just had a heart attack.

Anyway, the EP is amazing like most things Okkervil River release, especially Love To a Monster which is possibly the most bitter break-up song ever recorded. The EP also contains a cover of Big Star’s O Dana. It isn’t hugely different to the original, but uses horns which makes it sound kind of cheerful-at least for an Okkervil River song.

Okkervil River- O Dana.mp3

Vampire Weekend Give Us Cousins

Vampire Weekend have given us a second taste of their second album Contra, which will be released early in 2010.While the first preview track Horcheta showed us a more mature and laid-back side of the band, their latest single Cousins is the same bouncy and fun Vampire Weekend that fans know and love. It’s a bit like A-Punk’s little brother, complete with an awesome video.

While many people are skeptical about Contra, if the singles are anything to go by, even if it doesn’t live up to expectations,  it’ll at least be a fun little summer record.

Good Night Owl

When was the last time you heard music that blew you away?

For me it was last week when I received Goodnight Owl’s EP in the mail from their manager and music blogger Sabi.  As soon as I checked the letterbox, I ran upstairs, put it on and was amazed at just how good it is.

Goodnight Owl play lush folk music with electronic beats layered underneath. The result is something like a cross between Josh Pyke and The Postal Service but with a distinctly Australian flavour.

Goodnight Owl  is composed of main songwriter Eddie Alexander who moved from Central Australia to Melbourne, Joe Walker who provides all of the electronic work and Bella Walker on piano. All three members were friends in Alice Springs  and met up back in Melbourne.

Apparently Eddie Alexander used songwriting as a way to overcome the homesickness and other emotions that came from living away from friends and family and it shows in the heart-breaking yet hopeful nature of the music and lyrics.

Although acoustic instruments are mainly used on the EP, the use of electronic glitches though out the record blend everything together in a subtle and interesting way. This is particularly noticeable on the opener and standout track Maps & Compasses, which is probably the most electronic track on the EP.

Verandah is a delicate song about childhood memories in Alice Springs and I’m sure that anybody, regardless of where they’re from could relate to some of it. The final track Stale Bread comes all too quickly and is the least electronic track which draws attention to the lyrics. It is definitely one of the EP’s highlights and leaves the listener wanting more.

The only track that let’s the EP down is She Kept A Secret, which starts off well but tends to drag on towards the end, especially after repeated listens.

There aren’t many bands like Goodnight Owl, particularly from Australia. These guys should be huge, and in time, I’m sure they will be.




Young Heretics EP Launch and mp3

Young Heretics are made up of Kitty Hart and Matthew Wright, the former frontman for The Getaway Plan.  Any Getaway Plan fans who are expecting a similar sound will no doubt be disappointed as this duo create slightly warped pop music rather than melodic emo/screamo/whatever you call it nowadays.

The band are releasing their self-produced debut EP The Dreamers and will tour part of  Australia during November, with the EP launch on the 4th of December at the Newton Worker’s Club in Melbourne.

The dates are:

THURS 12 NOV – Sands Tavern, MAROOCHYDORE w/ Philadelphia Grand Jury + Kid Sam

FRI 13 NOV – Troubadour, BRISBANE w/ Philadelphia Grand Jury + Kid Sam

SAT 14 NOV – Troubadour, BRISBANE w/ Philadelphia Grand Jury + Kid Sam

SUN 15 NOV – Neverland, GOLD COAST w/ Philadelphia Grand Jury + Kid Sam

TUE 1 DEC – East Bruswick Club, MELBOURNE w/ Gin Wigmore

FRI 4 DEC – Newtown Workers Club, FITZROY w/ Gatherer + Alpine + Accolades – EP LAUNCH!!

WED 30 DEC – Peats Ridge Festival

THU 31 DEC – Purple Sneakers NYE House Party, SYDNEY

SUN 3 JAN – Solar Festival, MORNINGTON

SAT 9 JAN – Sandcastle Festival, ST KILDA BEACH

SUN 7 MAR – Push Over Festival, MELBOURNE

I also have a mp3 from these guys to post for you today. The track is from their EP and is called Bones of a Rabbit. I admit that it did take me a while to get into, but it a great little dark pop song. I especially like the use of piano. Very haunting.

Young Heretics-Bones of a Rabbit.mp3