Tuesday Covers 17/11/09

I’ve decided to start a new feature on this blog: cover songs on Tuesdays.

Why Tuesdays?

Because it is a bit of a nothing day. It isn’t dreaded like Monday, it isn’t in the middle of the week like Wednesday, it isn’t near the weekend like Thursday and Friday and nobody I know gets Tuesdays off. So from now on, it will be covers day. At least on this blog anyway.

The first cover I have for you today is a cover of Animals Collective’s My Girls by :Kinema:. The bio they sent was incredibly short so all I can tell you  is that they met on a European road trip and they make smooth electronic music. I can’t say I am a huge fan of this cover, especially the highly synthesised  vocals but I’m sure they’ll be people out there who think otherwise.

:Kinema:-My Girls.mp3

For many people listening to Lady Gaga is like driving past a car crash. You know you’re not supposed to look but…hang on a second…did she just say the words “disco stick?”

Despite the fact that her lyrics really are quite hilarious there really does seem to be a lack of Lady Gaga covers, especially considering male singer-songwriters and punk bands generally seem to love this kind of thing.

Today I have a cover of Poker Face by Yelka, a young singer songwriter from Melbourne. She has a great voice and plays in a style that can easily be compared to the likes of Clare Bowditch,  which is what makes this cover so good.In fact, it almost sounds classy.

You can hear the cover and some of her original songs on her myspace.



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