Good Night Owl

When was the last time you heard music that blew you away?

For me it was last week when I received Goodnight Owl’s EP in the mail from their manager and music blogger Sabi.  As soon as I checked the letterbox, I ran upstairs, put it on and was amazed at just how good it is.

Goodnight Owl play lush folk music with electronic beats layered underneath. The result is something like a cross between Josh Pyke and The Postal Service but with a distinctly Australian flavour.

Goodnight Owl  is composed of main songwriter Eddie Alexander who moved from Central Australia to Melbourne, Joe Walker who provides all of the electronic work and Bella Walker on piano. All three members were friends in Alice Springs  and met up back in Melbourne.

Apparently Eddie Alexander used songwriting as a way to overcome the homesickness and other emotions that came from living away from friends and family and it shows in the heart-breaking yet hopeful nature of the music and lyrics.

Although acoustic instruments are mainly used on the EP, the use of electronic glitches though out the record blend everything together in a subtle and interesting way. This is particularly noticeable on the opener and standout track Maps & Compasses, which is probably the most electronic track on the EP.

Verandah is a delicate song about childhood memories in Alice Springs and I’m sure that anybody, regardless of where they’re from could relate to some of it. The final track Stale Bread comes all too quickly and is the least electronic track which draws attention to the lyrics. It is definitely one of the EP’s highlights and leaves the listener wanting more.

The only track that let’s the EP down is She Kept A Secret, which starts off well but tends to drag on towards the end, especially after repeated listens.

There aren’t many bands like Goodnight Owl, particularly from Australia. These guys should be huge, and in time, I’m sure they will be.





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