Baddies Australian Dates and Single

The problem with Britpop is that no matter how good it is, it can all sound the same after a while. This is the problem I had when listening to Baddies, a  new-ish band from Scotland. Their music is catchy and fun, but I kept being reminded of all the other British bands that they sound like, which only made me want to listen to those bands instead.

despite this, they play the kind of stuff that would be great live and I’m sure they put on a very entertaining and fun show. They are coming down to Australia for a couple of dates around New Year Eve. If you’re keen to check them out, the dates are:

December 30- Pyramid Rock Festival, Phillip Island

December 31- Purple Sneakers NYE House Party, Sydney

I also have their newest single for you all. Enjoy!

Baddies- Open One Eye.mp3


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