Tuesday Covers 8/12/09

This week’s installment is a bit late, but I have some great stuff for you all today.

Triple J’s Like A Version segment is hugely popular in Australia and features a band playing acoustic covers in the studio every week. A few years ago they started releasing these covers on CD and the most recent installment Like A Version 5 was released a couple of weeks ago. The CD is consistently good, aside from Urthboy’s hip-hop cover of London Calling which will cause a whole bunch of cringing from Clash fans.

Today I thought I would share a couple of the tracks with you all. My internet is playing up so I can only post videos at the moment but you should still give them a listen.

The first cover I have for you is a cover of This Boy’s In Love by The Presets by Sparkadia. While the original is more of a dance track, Sparkadia turn into an acoustic ballad with more emphasis placed on the lyrics, which are overshadowed by the music in the Presets version of the song.

The other track I have for you is Philadelphia Grand Jury covering Jay-z’s 99 Problems. It’s a very strange choice for a cover song, however the Philly Jays have always been a bit weird(in a good way) and they manage to pull it off somehow. Admittedly rap fans would have a fit if they heard it, but it’s too funny and awkward not to like really. Either that or I’m a mad Philly Jays fan…


3 comments on “Tuesday Covers 8/12/09

  1. Tim says:

    I was just a bit too obsessed with that Philly Jays cover for a while. Dananananakroyd had a rather good take on Devo’s Whip It as well.

  2. onthetune says:

    LOL, haha wow. That’s actually my youtube account you’ve got there with Sparkadia covering The Presets, I uploaded it ages ago. đŸ™‚
    But it really is such an awesome cover, I wanna get a Sparkadia album or something.

  3. Lauren says:

    I had no idea! Very cool.

    I have Postcards by Sparkadia. I was very obsessed with it for a while and then got very sick of it. It is a good album though. The first few songs are very catchy

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