Yae!Tiger: Songs From…Casualty of the Avalanche

One of the most exciting things about music blogging is coming across great new music and sharing it with whoever happens to stumble across your blog. However it is even better when the band discovers you. This was the case with Sydney band Yae!Tiger who were nice enough to send me a copy of their limited edition(there are only 100 of them) self-produced double A-side Songs From…Casualty of the Avalanche.

Yae!Tiger formed in 2007 as a home recording project between Brooke Cotton(bass, vocals) and Vincent Scagnetti (guitar, vocals). They recorded two EPs before heading off to South America. When they returned they got some friends together and became a six piece.

It is impossible to write about this single without mentioning the fantastic cover art. All 100 CDs were hand packaged by Brooke Cotton and her hard work has definitely paid off. The attached photo really doesn’t do it justice and I spent at least 10 minutes before even playing the single admiring the cover art. Everything about the handmade cover from the label-maker track list to the pasted on bio make this single seem like something that deserves to be treasured, rather than just another CD.

Although their bio suggests that they sound like Pavement and Sonic Youth, their use of male and female vocals and catchy choruses also give off  a Los Campesinos! or  an Architecture in Helsinki vibe. This can be heard on the first track Calling All Ghosts, which starts off slowly before launching into a catchy pop song complete with hand claps and keys.

Sleepworking is not as immediately catchy as the first track but after a few listens it is the better song . The song is buried under a layer of feedback and the female vocals really bring out the song’s catchy melody. The bass line is also rather impressive and rumbles along quite nicely. Despite the songs fast-paced beginning, it slows down towards the end and eventually fades out, without dragging out or overstaying its welcome.

The single also comes with an animated video by two of the other band members Jack Hanner and Dwayne Barry of their track Waging War At The Carnival. The video features a dog battling cabbage monsters and is a really cute addition to the CD.

While this single may not change the world it is a very enjoyable listen, especially for people who like their pop music to come with a bit of an edge. I have a feeling that we are yet to hear the best from Yae!Tiger and in a few years they could definitely be one of Australia’s most exciting bands.


Note: If you would like a free copy of this single, head over to the band’s myspace or see them live. Also, if you are a band and would like to send in a CD for reviewing purposes send me an email at: electricskeleton@live.com



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