Eddy Current Supression Ring

Earlier this year Australian Idol judge Ian “Dicko” Dickson appeared on morning television and proclaimed:

“The kids who know, know this band are the coolest band on the planet right now.”

He wasn’t talking about Human Nature, Wolfmother or even an Australian Idol winner. No. He was talking about Melbourne’s Eddy Current Supression Ring. These guys play the kind of unpretentious garage punk music that never grows old. There’s no emo fringes, no gimmickry and no fake English or American Accents. Just great simple rock music. I’m sure these guys are totally explosive live.

After winning the Australian Music Prize last year for their brilliant second album Primary Colours the band have released Anxiety from their upcoming third release which is said to have cost next to nothing and been recorded in six days.

Despite the short recording time, Anxiety is probably The Eddy Current Supression Ring’s most polished song. But fans shouldn’t panic because the band’s DIY edge is still very much there, and at the very respectable length of 3:23 it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

If you’re sick of hearing bands with elaborate back stories, over produced pop songs and phony American accents give these guys a try.

Eddy Current Supression Ring-Anxiety.mp3


One comment on “Eddy Current Supression Ring

  1. Philippe says:

    i like how they’re sticking to their roots and not going fancy pantsy on the production.

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