Tuesday Covers 5/1/10

I was so busy getting worked up about Contra that I almost forgot it was Tuesday. Gah, I think I’m turning into an indie kid.

Anyway, I have two covers for today because as I mentioned in my last post, my internet is being shitty and I don’t plan on spending all night uploading songs.

Considering my love of bearded American folk musicians, it’s strange that I never really made much of an effort to get into Iron & Wine. However I think that might just have to change after hearing this stunning acoustic version of New Order’s Love vigilantes.

Iron & Wine- Love Vigilanties.mp3

Because I’m in a Vampire Weekend mood I thought I’d post Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip’s version of Cape Kwassa Kwassa. It’s not a personal favourite of mine but it’s worth it to hear the line “And it feels so unnatural to sing your own name.” Gold.
Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip- Cape Kwassa Kwassa.mp3


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