Tuesday Covers 3/02/10

Today I have two covers of Hot Chip’s And I Was A Boy From School to share with you. Both are from Triple J’s Like a Version segment.

British India are one of those bands that I should probably like, but don’t. I don’t mean that in an all-the-other bloggers-are-doing-it kind of way, but in the sense that I like many similar bands and it would make perfect sense for me to be a huge fan of their music. I think the problem is that every time they’re finally winning me over I hear something of theirs that has the opposite effect. The lacklustre live show I saw probably didn’t help either.

This cover is one of those songs that makes me think, even if it’s only for a brief three minutes, that British India are in fact a great band and not at all boring and repetive. Although the fact that it isn’t their song may be part of this.

British India- And I Was A Boy From School.mp3

Everything Grizzly Bear play sounds mesmerizing. Even if you’re not a huge fan of their music it is easy to be in awe of their layered and  perfectly crafted songs. Unlike British India, these guys make the song sound pretty complete with fantastic vocal harmonies and gentle acoustic guitar.

Grizzly Bear- And I Was A Boy From School.mp3


One comment on “Tuesday Covers 3/02/10

  1. milli says:

    thanx, loved ’em! ;)*

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