Mountain Goats Australian Tour

When I heard that The Mountain Goats were touring Australia I got very excited and then extremely frustrated because their Melbourne show isn’t all ages. Sometimes, no, most of the time, I really want to punch  liquor licensing Victoria in the face. And they think that alcohol makes you violent…

If you’re yet to hear The Mountain Goats, I highly recommend that you do. While their sound differs between their lo-fi and high-fi albums, the main focus is always on John Darnielle’s brilliant and often depressing lyrics.

Their Australian tour dates are:

Sunday April 11 – The Zoo, Brisbane
Tuesday April 13 – Manning Bar, Sydney
Wednesday April 14 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Friday April 16 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide
Sunday April 18 – The Rosemount, Perth

Forget what I said about Love To A Monster by Okkervil River being the most bitter break-up song ever, No Children is by far the most bitter I’ve heard. Who can beat lyrics like ” I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow/I hope it bleeds all day long.” It’s dark,  malicious and amazing.


The Mountain Goats- No Children.mp3


4 comments on “Mountain Goats Australian Tour

  1. onthetune says:

    I guess this would be similar to how I’d feel if Radiohead finally toured over here again and played 18+ venues. I’d be raging hard. You should try sneak in if you can, claim you’re press. 😛

  2. Lauren says:

    I’m going to try and secure myself a half-decent ID and see how it goes. I really don’t want to miss out

  3. italianplumber says:

    My advice: do whatever you can to see Darnielle live. He is ace. He usually plays a really good mix of old and new tunes.

    So I take it almost every gig you wanna go to is a struggle cause your underage?

  4. Lauren says:

    I am so desperate to go it isn’t funny. And living in Australia means that bands don’t come here very often.

    There are no underage gigs in Melbourne anymore so I have to sneak into every gig I go to, which is why I don’t go to very many. It isn’t ideal, but I’d rather risk getting caught than not go at all. Luckily most places don’t check ID if you’re on the door list which is handy for reviews.

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