Mezz Coleman- Parts of You, Parts of Me

Sarah Blasko, Yelka, Claire Bowditch…It’s hard not  to be amazed at the number of quality female singer-songwriters coming out of Australia. Now we have another name to add to the list: Melbourne singer-songwriter Mezz Coleman. Mezz effortlessly bridges the gap between jazz and pop and creates music that’s catchy enough to sing along to yet sophisticated enough to play at a dinner party.

Her debut album Parts of You, Parts of Me, will be released on the 20th of February and it could easily rival anything created by some of this countries more well-known singer-songwriters.

One of the problems with any kind of acoustic music is that often there is a lack of variety and the songs can blend into each other. This is not a problem with this album. While most of the songs remain at a fairly slow tempo, thy range from cheerful to mournful and Mezz’s voice has a way of drawing you in. Most of her songs are just as catchy as anything that gets played on your local top 40 radio station.

Circus is probably the most upbeat song on the album and the inclusion of horns makes it stand out from the crowd. Sorry, Sorry is both beautiful and depressing and highlights Mezz’s skill as both as a vocalist and a songwriter.Can I Be almost has a touch of Tori Amos about it and showcases her quirky side.

Parts of You, Parts of Me is an outstanding album. If you’re remotely interested in Australian music I strongly suggest you pick up a copy. You won’t regret it.


Mezz Coleman’s album launch is on the 20th of February at Gertrude’s Brown Couch. If you’re in Melbourne and want to see some good live music, you should definitely come along.

Mezz Coleman- Circus.mp3


2 comments on “Mezz Coleman- Parts of You, Parts of Me

  1. David Gregory says:

    You’ve paid your dues so good luck with album launch

  2. Aileen says:

    What an amazing voice and talented songwriter.So good to hear lyrics with meaning…Aileen

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