Wednesday Covers 03/03/10

I’m going on school camp tomorrow. It involves hiking, drop toilets and tents.  I am going to die.

Anyway, before I get attacked by drop bears and the smell of unshowered teenage boys, I thought I’d share a few covers with you.

Before they released The Stand- Ins Okkervil River asked other bands to cover songs from the album and post them on youtube. One of my favourite coveres from this project is Bon Iver’s cover of Blue Tulip. There is less emphisis placed on the lyrics than in the orginal, but with Justin Vernon’s falestto it’s hardly a problem. Seriously though, he could record and Canibal Courpse cover and make it sound like the prettiest thing in the world.

Bon Iver- Blue Tulip.mp3

I have an almost endless supply of Magnetic Fields covers and I thought I’d post another one. In year 10 Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire was my favourite album. I was given a burnt copy by a  friend and, along with The Shins, they introduced me to the wonderful world of indie music. They did a cover of Born on a Train a couple of years ago, and it isn’t bad, although Win Butler’s voice doesn’t\sound it’s best. If you’re a fan of either band it is worth a listen.

I have to post the video because my internet is having a hissy fit.


One comment on “Wednesday Covers 03/03/10

  1. cool song, really chilled out after listening to that , thanks mate

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