Oh Hi, We Didn’t See You There We’re The Honey Pies

Oh Hi We Didn’t See You There We’re…The Honey Pies might be a mouthful but it one of the best demos I have heard in a long, long time. The Honeypies a relatively new Adelaide band whose influences range from 60’s garage to 90’s grunge and even modern day indie. With members from other popular Adelaide band they create catchy guitar pop.

Sex Wax kicks things off with surf guitars and a catchy garage beat. It is the most 60’s sounding track on the demo and it you aren’t dancing, or at least tapping your toes by the song’s end, there is clearly something wrong with you.

Fool in Love on the other hand is the kind of jangly indie-pop that Triple J are all over at the moment.  The memorable guitar riff and vocals work well together and the soaring chorus is extremely catchy and could give most of today’s big indie bands a run for their money.

Too Cool For School is the least notable song on the demo. While it isn’t bad by any means, its 90’s influences veer too far into bad high school band territory for my liking. After hearing what their capable of on the previous tracks, it falls a little bit flat.

They do redeem themselves with Sold My Soul an old-style acoustic folk tune and excellent use of harmonies. They slower pace is a perfect way to finish off the demo and shows just what the band are capable of.

Oh Hi We Didn’t See You There We’re..The Honey Pies is a great demo however at times it feels like the band are trying to experiment with as many styles as possible and haven’t really developed their own sound. But with an album due out next year and some more touring, these guys could do very great things.


The Honey Pies- Sex Wax.mp3



3 comments on “Oh Hi, We Didn’t See You There We’re The Honey Pies

  1. Walter says:

    Nice review. The Honey Pies are quite special, one of many really consistent bands in Adelaide at the moment.

    They have a whole bunch of really great unrecorded tracks up their sleeve, that veer around a whole bunch of styles – a point you make in your review. But I don’t know, it’s kind of nice how it all comes together. I think their album, when all recorded in the same studio with the same mindset will hopefully make some cohesion of it all, something that this demo doesn’t really get across.

    Here is a really sweet live recording that showcases their rockier side:

    • Lauren says:

      I’m really keen to hear them live. Think it might work better in a live environment than on a demo. Hopefully they’ll come down to Melbourne sometime soon. Thanks for the link I’m downloading it as we speak (type?). The Pictures EPs were 50 cents each at my local JB hi-fi which only goes to show they have no taste.

  2. Walter says:

    Oh, and if this was facebook I would send a big ol’ “like” your way for those two Pictures EP’s in your CD collection above!

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