The Temper Trap Australian Tour

The Temper Trap will be touring part of Australia in July. After relocating to Europe, releasing their great debut album Conditions and impressing crowds at mjaot festivals, there is no doubt that they would be great to see live. There is just one little problem I have with this tour: the price.

I may be a broke student, but music is something I refuse to skimp on. I can’t walk past Polyester Records without buying anything and I will go to pretty much any gig that I can get into. Where I draw the line however is paying $60 to see an Australian band with only one album. I understand that booking a venue like Festival Hall(even if it is a shit  box) costs more than a small pub, but seriously, it costs almost the same amount to see an international band like Vampire Weekend.

For those of you who are happy to fork out, the dates are:

Thursday 22 July – Metro City, Perth
Saturday 24 July – Festival Hall, Melbourne
Tuesday 27 July – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Sunday 01 August – Powerstation, Auckland


5 comments on “The Temper Trap Australian Tour

  1. Jeremy says:

    It may not be up to the band personally to set the price unfortunately.
    But I get your point. I wouldn’t spend $60 to see them personally. They have gotten a lot of exposure on commercial radio though, which would most likely bump up the price a fair bit.

    • Lauren says:

      I know it probably isn’t the band’s fault, it just seems a bit excessive. I did realise that I’ll be 18 then, which makes me all kinds of happy. I can’t wait until I can go to $10 gigs legally

      • Jeremy says:

        That’s pretty cool. I hit 18 around July too so that should open up a tonne more shows I’ll be able to see whenever I go somewhere and get out of this small musically-devoid hole of a town.
        Well, there’s music, just not a whole lot of original bands floating around.

        • Lauren says:

          Living in a small town would drive me mental. Do you live near any towns that get a fair amount of gigs? There are a couple in Victoria but they’re pretty close to Melbourne.
          A lot of the Splendor In The Grass bands do sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney at the end of July, so you could make the trip to see those, even if they are usually $70+

          • Jeremy says:

            Nah, not really. Usually the closest we get many good bands playing near us is Albury/Wodonga (saw The Living End and Powderfinger + Silverchair there), which is probably 3+ hours away I think.
            That’s a pretty good idea, I hope the lineup is good this year. I might do that.

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