Electric Skeleton Turns One!

How the hell did this happen??

Exactly one year ago I was sick, home from school and feeling particularly sorry for myself.  In my highly medicated state, I thought that starting a music blog was a perfectly reasonable idea.

At first it was simply something to do to stop me going mental and an excuse to unleash my terrible album reviews on the blog-reading public.

I never thought that I’d still be doing it one year later, that I would meet so many awesome people (both online and in real life) or hear so much awesome music because of it.

Thanks to everyone who’s read the blog over the last year or sent me their music. You guys rock.


Philadelphia Grand Jury B-Side

I saw Philadelphia Grand Jury for the first time a couple of weeks ago at an outdoor all ages festival and they were great.  Sadly, at least for us Aussies, they’re moving to th UK indefinitely after signing a record deal.

At leat they’ve left us an awesome single. I Don’t Want To Party (Party) is quite possibly the best party song about not wanting to party ever recorded. It also has a rather cool B-side which I’m sharing with you today. Most of you would probably be familiar with Calvin (no last name required), the band’s drummer and newest member. He’s done some pretty awesome things like session drum for hugely popular US disco and funk acts like Earth, Wind and Fire. He has recorded a track for the new Philly Jays single called Both Kinds of Music and it’s pretty damn cool.

Calvin- Both Kinds of Music.mp3

Jonathan Boulet Remixes The Holidays

Most remixes are a little bit crap. That’s not to say there aren’t some great ones out there, but too many artists seem to think that simply adding a beat to a song automatically makes it better. Which only works about 10% of the time.

Luckily Jonathan Boulet’s remix of Moonlight Hours isn’t like this at all. Instead it turns the catchy track, which Triple J are understandably fond of, into a more laid back, synthy affair.

The Holidays have an album coming out later in the year, which I’m sure will be ridiculously catchy and summery like most of their stuff.

The Holidays are supporting Bluejuice on their national tour.

The remaining dates are:

15 Apr 2010 ANU Bar w/ Bluejuice                               Canberra

16 Apr 2010 Uni of Tasmania w/ Bluejuice                  Hobart

17 Apr 2010 Hotel New York w/ Bluejuice          Launceston

23 Apr 2010 Hi Fi w/ Bluejuice                                     Brisbane

24 Apr 2010 Coolongatta Hotel w/ Bluejuice               Coolongatta

25 Apr 2010 Great Northern Hotel w/ Bluejuice          Byron Bay

28 Apr 2010 Charles Stuart University w/ Bluejuice     Wagga Wagga

29 Apr 2010 Wollongong Uni w/ Bluejuice                   Wollongong

30 Apr 2010 Katoomba RSL w/ Bluejuice                    Katoomba

1 May 2010 Panthers w/ Bluejuice                              Bathurst

5 May 2010 The Gov w/ Bluejuice (all ages)               Adelaide

6 May 2010 Newport Hotel w/ Bluejuice                     Fremantle

7 May 2010 Prince of Wales w/ Bluejuice                   Bunbury

8 May 2010 Capitol w/ Bluejuice                                 Perth

The Holidays- Moonlight Hours (Jonathan Boulet Remix).mp3

Thursday Covers 08/04/10

This post is dedicated to my friend Jackson. The other week we were talking about music we can’t stand.  He mentioned that he absolutley hates Mumford & Sons and Vampire Weekend, who I am rather fond of. Because I’m a wonderful friend, I’ve decided to post some cover songs that I’m sure he will enjoy.

Mumford & Sons covering Vampire Weekend! Hell Yes! Admittedly it sounds just like you would expect it to (yes, it has a banjo solo) but they actually sound unrestrained which is brilliant. This how they should sound ALL the time. You can’t have polite banjo solos for god’s sake.

Mumford & Sons- Cousins (Vampire Weekend Cover).mp3

For us folks living in Australia, there really only seem to be three folk bands in the UK: Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and of course, Mumford & Sons. Laura Marling has done an acoustic cover of  Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford & Sons and it’s nice to hear a female spin on the track. It loses something without the banjo and the full band behind her but it’s defently worth a listen.

Laura Marling- Roll Away Your Stone (Mumford & Sons Cover).mp3