Tuesday Covers 11/05/10

There are very few bands that can cover The Smiths successfully. They are one of those bands that almost everyone over the age of 14 has loved at some point or another and I have a feeling that in 50 years time miserable teenagers will still be scribbling their lyrics on their school diaries (although Generation Z has Bieber fever so maybe not). It is because of this attachment that very few bands can cover them without failing miserably. Hell, even Radiohead seemed to struggle a little when they covered The Headmaster Ritual. And don’t even get me started on Death Cab For Cutie butchering the lyrics to This Charming Man.

There is one Smiths cover that I actually like. It’s the Lucksmith’s version of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Instead of imitation Morissey they turn the song into quite a sweet duet.

The Lucksmiths-There is a Light That Never Goes Out.mp3

As far as most people are concerned Iceland has two things: a unpronouncable, angry volcano and Sigur Ros. Which is more than enough for me to want to go there for my next holiday.

As most of you probably know Sigur Ros’s frontman Jonsi has released a solo album called Go. While it’s a good album hearing him sing in English takes some getting used to and takes away some of the mystery of Sigur Ros, not that they’re a lyrics band by any means.

He’s done a cover of MGMT’s Time To Pretend and it’s pretty good. It’s worth listening to just for his pronunciation of the word “vomit.”

Jonsi- Time to Pretend.mp3


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