Scott Sparks

Every now and then you come across a song that blows you away. The kind of song that you put on repeat for days on end only to find yourself liking it even more. For me, the live version of Eat Your Heart Out by Scott Sparks is one of those songs.

Scott Spark is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane who predominately plays anything with keys . What separates him from the pack of other piano playing singer-songwriters is his honest lyrics about life’s variety of fuck-up (his words, not mine). He has a couple of EPs and a debut album called Fail Like You Mean It due to come out sometime this year.

The reason why I am so in love with his music at the moment is the previously mentioned version of Eat Your Heart Out which features a children’s choir. While children’s choirs can be a bit cheesy at times, this is certainly not the case and their understated backing vocals creates the perfect backdrop to Scott Spark’s music.

If you haven’t heard it I highly suggest you head over to his Bandcamp where you can download the track for free.


5 comments on “Scott Sparks

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  2. sabi says:

    And he’s even more amazing live! 🙂

  3. Norman says:

    If you liked the live recording, you’ll love the rehearsal (but have tissues handy – such sweet faces) :>

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